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Indeedy Banana
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Giant Inflatable Banana


We give away these 5 1/2 ft. giant inflatable bananas at all of our Indeedy Bingo shows. So many people have begged us to fix the game just so they could have one of these bananas. We’ll never fix it, but here’s an alternative: you can now buy one in the Indeedy Inc. shop!

These bananas make great gifts for your funnest friends, or as a cheerful objet d’art for your living room. Recommended for birthday parties, hen dos, tropical theme nights, or as an accessory for Friday night revelry.

Product summary
Colour: Yellow
Inflated Size: 5 feet 5 inches (as tall as Justin Bieber!)
Material: 100%
Not suitable for kids under 3.

Free shipping to the mainland UK.


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